kia ora!

We’re FlutterShop and we’re based in Auckland, New Zealand. FlutterShop is a cross-platform mobile app development firm. We are experts in Flutter. What that means for you is that we write to a single code base and it simultaneously creates both Android and iOS apps.

This saves you time, this saves you money, and means that no matter how your customers access your app, it will be consistent across platforms.

FlutterShop builds apps that you’ll love. We have worked with some of the biggest and best-loved enterprises down under. We’re a team of designers, engineers, UX/UI experts and app developers who are focused on staying one step ahead of the next big digital trend. We set the tone for all things digital and are global leaders in Flutter. Our team is designing tools and open source solutions used by developers all over the world. We’re proud to call these islands our home, and to bring you exceptional quality apps at an affordable, realistic price.

FlutterShop is a subset of ClearPoint, a digital engineering company. At ClearPoint, we bring together all the essentials for creating great digital experiences. Whether it’s platforms, design or engineering, we’re guiding our clients’ digital futures.

Why the bird?

New Zealand is well-known for our birds, probably most famously, the kiwi. The pīwakawaka, more commonly known as the fantail, is easily recognisable around New Zealand gardens with its distinctive fanned tail and familiar chirping song. We chose it as the mascot of FlutterShop because of its friendly nature and agility in flight and feeding.

ready to get started?

We are! That’s why we want to meet with you for a FREE online discovery workshop, to find out all about your vision.

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